First Day of MOOC

I have been participating in my first MOOC and the focus today was on the mission of the librarian. I recently created  a storify on mission statements and vision statements. Librarians usually focus on the mission statement of the library; hardly ever on their own mission.  The mission statement of an organization should tell why it exists, its core purpose.  It follows that the mission statement of the librarian should reflect why the librarian exists, the core purpose of the profession. 

The focus of the MOOC on New Librarianship is this statement: “The mission of librarians is to improve society through facilitating knowledge creation in their communities”.  This also means we will discuss the meaning of mission – what drives librarians, the different paths to becoming a librarian, what it means to improve society, how librarians facilitate – their skills set the meaning of knowledge, and the concept of communities as participants taking credit of blame for the library versus the concept of communities consisting of users/consumers/customers.

The concept of the librarian facilitating conversation is very clear when you see these links to the Human Library: at the University of Alberta and also the Canadian War Museum.


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