Week 2: Community

Today the thread or key concept is ‘community’ meaning aggregations of members. This is our key  sentence for the entire course: The mission of librarians is to improve society through facilitating knowledge creation in their communities.

The first point is that what librarians do, the services provided should be a joint agreement with the community. Community participation exerts pressure on libraries. These are the five sources of pressure that affect what librarians do and how we serve:

  1. Members’ desire to participate in learning.
  2. Members wanting something different but not sure what.
  3. Social nature of members who want to build networks of ideas, agreements, people.
  4. Limitations of resources. When people have limited resources they exert pressure.
  5. Boundary issues: location, institutional

The second key point is that librarians are reliability people and credibility is our greatest asset and responsibility. We consistently point people to multiple reliable sources.

So far I have learned that librarians facilitate knowledge creation and conversations and empower the community. We are reliability people and should be looking at people not in terms of problems but in terms of meeting their needs for service, support, literacy, power.


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