Week 3 on New Librarianship has started

Unfortunately, I am behind this week. I have completed my tests but have not completed  listening to all the video clips on the Salzburg Curriculum which is answering the general question, How do we prepare professionals to work in libraries and museums? With reference to libraries, the Curriculum is specifically answering , What should librarians and library workers know? I am learning that there are 2 parts to the Curriculum. Part 1 is Framing: Mission, Applicability, and Values.

Mission: The mission of librarians and museum professionals is to foster conversation that improve society through knowledge exchange and social action. 

Applicability: the scope of the Curriculum formal and continuing education

Values: skills are implemented through core values that we bring to our work: Openness and Transparency, Self Reflection, Collaboration with communities, Service, Empathy and respect, Continuous learning/striving for excellence, Creativity and Innovation.

Here are those words again: Service. Learning. Innovation.

Part 2 is Topical Areas and there six with many subheadings : 

  1. Transformative Social Engagement – actively trying to make the environment better according to community aspirations.
  • Activism – identifying topics that can bring the community together and getting community to act.
  • Social responsibility – librarian being socially responsible and getting community to be more socially responsible.
  • Critical social analysis – understanding the community’s needs, problems and aspirations.
  • Public programming – offering services to the public.
  • Advocacy – promote and supporting a cause.
  • Sustainability of societal mission – supporting and allocating funds and personnel.
  • Conflict Management – the librarian as facilitator and moderator.
  • Understanding community needs.

The new librarian brings core values of service, learning, innovation and so on in the role of  community organizer, activist, advocate, moderator, budget manager, collaborator and event planner


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