Why libraries?

I watched First Coast News on television yesterday where a woman was pleading to residents of Duval County to save public libraries in Jacksonville by supporting a straw ballot campaign for the creation of a Duval County Library District.  They are fighting the closure of six libraries and reduction of hours in remaining libraries.  On the Save Jax Libraries website, these are the justifications/reasons to save their libraries:

Early literacy remains a problem in our community and the public libraries are a critical part of the solution. (Learning – Literacy)

— Public libraries should be sufficiently funded so that their doors are open to the children of our community during weekdays and weekends.  (Access, Safety Net?)

Attracting businesses and jobs to Jacksonville requires that we pay attention to the health of our public libraries that support our overall educational system.   (Economic Impact, Education)

Businesses will not relocate to a city where its public libraries are shuttered and closed.  (Economic Impact)

— Libraries offer more than just books, but provide a range of services and materials for the entire population. (Access to Services)

I have not finished viewing all the video-clips today but so far I have learned that the 7 justifications for libraries are that they are:

  1. Collective Buying Agents
  2. Economic Stimulus Agents
  3. Centers of Learning
  4. Safety Nets for children and the elderly for examples
  5. Stewards of Cultural Heritage
  6. Cradles of Democracy
  7. Symbols of Community Aspirations.

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