Grand Challenge

At last, I have completed week 3 and I have come to the grand challenge of librarianship/ the large-scale goal/rallying call to other fields. The grand challenge is coordinating the knowledge infrastructure (technology, people, sources of information/knowledge, permissions – intellectual property) to unlock the potential and passions of society.  I have not absorbed this grand challenge. I thought the grand challenge for librarianship was the pressure for change.  The community is changing and the library has to prioritize resources to meet the challenges of change in the community.

I get the library as a platform for innovation, that the librarian does not have to master everything, that the librarian can be a facilitator bringing expertise together and making resources available to the community.

Here is something interesting.  This blogger focused on the political implications of new librarianship as presented in the course and asked, Does librarianship have a left-wing bias?  Advocating access to all and resisting censorship sound very left wing to me. But somehow I think in the library as cradle of democracy section, the course is focusing on getting us to answer this question and it is not connected to left wing politics, What difference has the library made in the governance of the community in which we serve – academic, business etc.?



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