Daveheart: The Soapbox

@Librarian_Kate tweeted this under the #newlib hashtag: “Also, we need to start a PREACH IT FATHER DAVID hashtag for the stuff in this course we really like.

R. David Lankes tweeted a response : “I once had a class create a twitter back channel using Daveheart after my habit of getting on a soap box.”

For me, this is R. David Lankes’ soapbox:

  1. Librarians should articulate a new worldview of librarianship that goes beyond tools (otherwise called artifacts, products of learning, also known as books, ebooks, DVDs and so on) and founded on theories such as conversation theory, motivation theory, sensemaking and postmodernism.
  2. In the knowledge model, a foundation of librarianship, there are conversants, language, agreements and memory ( a means to capture, preserve and retrieve community agreements).
  3. Library users/patrons should be called members of our community. Members of the community should not be seen as problems but as people in need of power to  improve their lives.
  4. No matter what community librarians lead and/or serve, the mission of librarians is to improve society through facilitating knowledge creation in their communities.
  5. To be a librarian is powerful. An empty room with a librarian is still a library.
  6. Librarians are power brokers, advocates of libraries, radical change agents, activists, leaders, trusted mediators, motivators, innovators, facilitators of conversation and therefore facilitators of knowledge and learning.
  7. Librarians must go to the conversation – go to the places in the community where members frequent such as Facebook,  their workplaces, schools, places of worship.
  8. Reading is a conversation that one has with oneself.
  9. Access is a core librarian value and a means of facilitating knowledge. Access means more than equity of access and access to artifacts; it is about connecting members of the community to experts in the community and being a part of the conversation. The Librarian is an information source in the conversation and the community is part of the library collection.
  10. Librarians provide knowledge services and training ( information literacy curriculum in school libraries).
  11. Librarians provide safe comfortable physical and virtual library environments as means of facilitating knowledge.
  12. There is no scarcity of information any longer, there is scarcity of attention.

This one does not fall under Dave’s soapbox but I found it a valuable tip:

“Take a good idea and apply it everywhere you can”.  I think this tip is a #PreachItFatherDavid moment. The Example given was the Big 6 Information Literacy Skills created by Mike Eisenberg and Bob Berkowitz.  They now have The Super 3 and Little 12  and applied it by creating bookmarks, cards, videos and workshops.


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