Approaching the library member

I have finally completed my first MOOC.  I am glad I participated and stayed to the end.

This final section had to do with one of Dave’s Soapbox topics, killing the concept of the library user as a consumer of information. This is because the” library user”  modifying (adding apps), manipulating, controlling the system is building a telecommunication environment.  R. David Lankes prefers “members” but also includes other terms: Participant, Creator, Prosumer.

We were introduced to Herb Simon’s concept of satisficing – members being satisfied with “good enough” when searching for information sources. This led to another of Dave’s Soapbox topics, that we should stop using the deficit model,treating the community’s deficits as problems in need of remediation – homelessness, poverty, low literacy- and should approach members by catering to their aspirations and motivating them to take action.  Community members are tired of being treated as inadequate and of being reminded of their limitations.